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of their $1,580.00 total Scut; Ukrainian Women Refugees

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Marina Sovorov performed this challenge in support of

Ramona Pintea

Scut; Ukrainian Women Refugees

Ramona Pintea challenges you to #wearyourcrown and raise funds for Ukrainian women and children refugees in Romania for a chance to win an original painting worth $5,500!

Internationally renowned artist Ramona Pintea is passionate about empowering women through art. Ramona is inviting YOU to join HER TEAM and raise funds to help Ukrainian women and children refugees seeking shelter in Romania, Ramona's native country.


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Upload a photo, video, story or reel showing how YOU #wearyourcrown, then donate and share it on your social media. Everyone who donates is entered to win amazing prizes, including the GRAND PRIZE, an original painting inspired by Ramona's Urban Queen Collection as shown on this page!

About Ramona Pintea
Ramona is the artist and creator of the #UrbanQueen empowering women's movement that has taken the internet by storm. Through her Urban Queen collection of paintings, she uses a symbolic crown to shine a spotlight on women finding their unique voice, inner strength and power. Her artwork is vibrant, uplifting, fierce and symbolic.

With each new painting, Ramona embraces what makes women special and reminds them, "We have the power within ourselves to do more than we think and more than we ever imagined."

What are my donations supporting?
With Russia invading Ukraine, thousands of women and children have crossed the border to Romania to flee the horror of war. They left behind their husbands, father and sons as Ukraine declared martial law and men have to stay behind to defend their country.

Romania is preparing for half a million Ukrainian refugees and we know the needs will be many. Ramona is urging you to donate and support her cause of helping Ukrainian women and children refugees.

Ramona is raising funds through SCUT, to provide aid to Ukrainian women and children refugees. SCUT is an NGO in Brasov, Ramona's home town. It was established in 1991 and has a long history of supporting vulnerable families, and young adults who leave state care. Ramona has been the VP of Scut for the past 12 years, and as a response to the war refugee crises they have decided to create a special division of members of staff and volunteers to help Ukrainian Refugee Women and their Children.

Please donate generously and support the most vulnerable victims of war.

Are you ready to use your power, help Ramona, and join the challenge?
The #wearyourcrown challenge is the perfect way to raise money for a good cause while using your unique voice, your own crown, to uplift and help other women. It is our collective power that can change the lives of so many! Get in the vibe, call your tribe to join you in this challenge- It will be amazing- Join NOW!

Don't wait; join the #wearyourcrown challenge by posting a photo, story, reel or TikTok video on this team page by clicking the Join the challenge button. Get creative, have fun, tell your friends. Create, donate and share your link to raise money for a good cause!

Click "join the challenge" button, upload your unique photo, story, reel or TikTok video showing how you wear your crown and share it on your social media to raise funds for SCUT, a non-profit helping Ukrainian women and children refugees.

Here are some ways to GET CREATIVE and join the challenge!

  • Create your own crown, find a tiara, OR use the Snapchat, Instagram TikTok apps to add a crown filter to your selfie, video or reel to show us how you wear your crown! Add the hashtag #wearyourcrown and tag your friends! Be creative- Sing, dance, get your whole your tribe in on the action.
  • Click on the purple "Join the Challenge" button on Ramona's team page to upload your amazing creation!
  • Once you have uploaded your creation Fund Duel will give you your own unique URL to share with everyone you know on your social media.
  • Tag ALL YOUR FRIENDS to donate and challenge them to join the #wearyourcrown challenge too. We are counting on you to help make the #wearyourcrown go viral!

All proceeds raised by Ramona Pintea team on her page go to support Ukranian women and children refugees in Romania.

Are you ready to empower women around the world? Join Ramona Pintea's team, get your friends involved, show your collective power and #wearyourcrown today!

Great prizes are up for grabs!

With every donation your photo/video/reel gets the more you are entered in the chance to win some awesome prizes!


  • Two people will win a FREE 30-minute Zoom session with Ramona. This is an exclusive opportunity to get to know Ramona, her art and the art industry she has taken by storm - ask her anything!
  • Three people will win PRINTS of the Urban Queen painting "My Power Begins With Her", signed by the artist.
  • The most creative uploaded video/reel/photo will win an Urban Queen Wearable Art T-shirt signed by the artist!
  • The most people tagged on your social media post will win an Urban Queen Wearable Art hoodie!

Donate $1,500 or more and Ramona will paint you a 50/60cm Urban Queen portrait for free! This is your chance to get a customized Urban Queen painting to treasure forever.

GRAND PRIZE: One lucky person will win the original Urban Queen painting. "My Power Begins With Her." This Urban Queen commands attention as it stands for the bold and powerful bond that is shared between mother and child. The eyes and souls are connected; your power begins with hers. Urban Queen Painting Details: 100 x 120 cm mixed media on box canvas. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. *Total Donations must exceed $5,500 for prize to be awarded.

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: #wearyourcrown Inspire. Empower. Elevate. A Global Campaign By Women For Women Sofia Bekatorou #metinsofia $150.00 Raised so far Casey Donovan Ashleigh Gardner Foundation $20.00 Raised so far Donna Ashworth Scut; Ukrainian Women Refugees $356.00 Raised so far Ramona Pintea Scut; Ukrainian Women Refugees $1,580.00 Raised so far Natalia Martins Instituto Cia dos Sonhos $125.00 Raised so far Amie Louie Professional Women's Network Global $751.00 Raised so far Barbara Sanchez Immigo LA $100.00 Raised so far Susan Sloan VITAL VOICES EMERGENCY FUND FOR AFGHAN WOMEN $250.00 Raised so far Jayshree Mallaya over the walls together $437.00 Raised so far

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