About Fund Duel

Fund Duel Mission Statement

Our mission is to operate the world's most productive, entertaining, reliable and participatory on line fundraising site and by so doing, we empower people with the tools needed to excel in their quest to raise money. This we do by harnessing, implementing and creating the technology and methods to fulfill that mission. Our core values guide us as global conditions shift and evolve, but by never settling, we remain relevant and cutting-edge as funds are raised to enhance the planet, its inhabitants (human and otherwise) and communities, where ever they may be.


We are the world's most dynamic, disruptive and consistently successful fund-raising site. Through trans-organizational collaboration, Fund Duel is the premiere platform of choice to raise money. We deliver what we say we will, we are bold, disruptive and compassionate and our web site clearly demonstrates that.


  • We celebrate life and all forms of it on planet Earth.
  • We cherish the collective good of people that walk this earth and the wisdom they possess
  • We want clear air, clean water and nutritious food available for all
  • We are nimble
  • We are not boring. We have an infectious love for life and the joy it brings, especially through collaborative giving
  • We foster altruism and encourage kindness
  • We believe honesty and transparency are critical to our short and long term success
  • We embrace disrupters, those that are not stuck with yesterday's models, news, rules
  • There is genius in us all and we strive to provide tools and environments where that flourishes
  • We embrace humor and good will and seek to make life's journey memorable and meaningful
  • “Direction first, then velocity” is a guiding value that tempers our focus, energies and strategies